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LED Hire: Choosing The Right LED For Your Event

By Becca Teather
3 months ago
 LED Hire: Choosing The Right LED For Your Event

Picking the right LED is important for a memorable event, so check out our quick guide to hiring the best LED for you and our recommendations based on your event space needs.

Pixel pitch

The first thing that you'll need to consider when choosing your LED is which pixel pitch is best for your space.

Pixel pitch is the amount of space between individual pixels in a panel, directly relating to the resolution. Choose the pixel pitch based on how and where the LED will be used. The general rule is that the pixel pitch in millimetres should match the viewing distance in metres.

For example, if your LED screen has a 2.5mm pixel pitch, your audience should be at a minimum viewing distance of 2.5m away.

Which pixel pitch is best for your...


At an exhibition, audiences typically stand close to the display, especially when interactive technology is being used. In this instance, it's best to hire a lower-pitch LED. Choose our 1.8mm Unilumin Unano or 2.6mm Unilumin Upad IV and Upad IV-S panels for the best display experience for your audience.



In a conference setting (depending on the size of the conference) the audience is usually a little less up-close and personal with the LED display, this means a larger screen is needed for them to see clearly. This is where a slightly higher pitch can be used, such as our 2.6mm Unilumin Upad IV or 3.9mm Gloshine.


Retail space

Like an exhibition, the LED that you hire for your retail space is likely to be much closer to your audience, requiring a lower pixel pitch. Whether it's in a shop window or a pop-up space, our 2.6mm Unilumin 3-in-1 or 2.8mm Aluvision panels are ideal for making the most out of your space.


Concert Tour

A Concert Tour or Festival, on the other hand, require a much higher pixel pitch due to the audience being so far away from the screen. A suitable LED to hire for this would be our 5.7mm ROE CB5 MKII, or if you want to add a bit more creativity to your show, our 8.9mm ROE Vanish V8 transparent LED.

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