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NEW Dracast X Series LED2000 RGB & Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit, Injection Molded Travel Case


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  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Mfr.
  • SOLD BY: NewLighting.com
  • SHIPS FROM: United States
  • CONDITION: Brand New


The Dracast X Series LED 3 Light Kit includes lights, barn doors, light stands, and a resin-reinforced injection molded plastic travel case.

The Dracast X Series is the newest compact LED panel light from Dracast. Weighing just 8.0 lbs, the X Series is designed with portability in mind. The panel includes an installed mounting yoke with a 5/8″ baby pin receiver for fast and easy mounting on compatible light stands or C clamps. The X Series features full spectrum RGB, plus adjustable white color temperature from 3200K to 5600K CCT. Also included are preset color gels and filters, as well as a collection of customizable effects and presets.

The light can be adjust manually via the control panel on the back of the fixture, or by using the new free Dracast DRX companion app available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Using the DRX companion app, all of the features of the light can be easily controlled along with the added ability to control multiple X Series lights simultaneously. The DRX app is the perfect companion to give you the look you need quickly and accurately.

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  • App Remote Control - Full control of your Dracast X Series lights. Using the new Dracast DRX app available for iOS and Android, you can control your light or groups of X Series lights simultaneously. Control dimmer, CCT, RGB, HSI, special effects and more right from your phone or tablet.
  • 0% – 100% Dimming - X Series lights can be manually dimmed via the onboard controls for quick and easy light adjustment. Smoothly increase or decrease your light output from full output to total blackout with zero dimmer stepping.
  • Battery Power - Maximum portability. All X Series lights come battery ready. X Series Panels have dual NP-F battery
  • Variable Color Temperature - Adjust the color temperature from 2800K – 6500K to match other light sources or ambient light in your shooting environment. Match subject skin tone easily and quickly without the need for color correction filters.
  • Full Spectrum RGB - Add full color spectrum RGB to your lighting kit. Millions of color options available with RGB, HSI, CIE and more. Preset color gel presets allows for quick color settings based on popular color gel options. Create dramatic lighting designs with bright, rich color output. Control RGB color manually, or with the DRX app. (Full spectrum RGB available only on RGB models).
  • Special Effects - X Series lights feature special effects including strobe, flash, pulse, color chase, fireworks, police car, paparazzi, and more. Effects can be adjusted and customized to get the perfect look for your scene. Effects can be controlled manually, via DMX, or with the X app. (Color effects only available on RGB models).
  • Soft Diffusion Built In - X Series lights include soft diffusion filters built in, giving you an incredibly soft wash of light right out of the box.

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: Draco Broadcast
Condition: Brand New
Model: DRX32000RGB
Item #: 52615 (4Wall/UsedLighting.com Owned)
Tags: Leds, Tv & film, Film/broadcast, Led panels, White, Led
  • (3) Dracast X Series LED500 Bi-Color LED Panel with Dual NP-F Battery Plate
  • (3) Carry Case
  • (3) Diffusion Filter
  • (3) Light Stands
  • (3) 4 Way Barn Doors
  • (3) AC Power Adapter with power cord
  • (1) Injection Molded Travel Case

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Ships from: United States


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