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Selling Your Gear

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you charge a commission on brokered equipment?

When you create a listing on our site, you enter the amount that you want to receive when the item sells. We then mark-up that cost based on the levels below (10-20%). That markup is what we receive if your item sells, and if it doesn't sell, you owe us nothing. There are no other fees or hidden costs.

Pricing Levels *

  • Standard
    A member sells less than $20K in a calendar year
    - 20% markup

  • Premium
    A member sells between $20K - $50K in a calendar year
    - 15% markup

  • Platinum
    A member sells over $50K in a calendar year
    - 10% markup
    - Items will be featured on our email blasts**
* Totals are calculated quarterly for the previous 12 months. Once you hit a new level, your items will automatically be recalculated with the lower discount.
** Some exceptions to this may apply as determined by UsedLighting.com
2. Are there any items that I cannot sell on your website?

Yes. We do not allow:

  • Truss
  • Lifts
  • Rigging
    • Hoists
    • Shackles
    • Steel Slings
    • Spansets
  • grandMA 1 Consoles
  • Lamps
  • Accessories (Clamps, Color Frames, etc.)
  • Non-Theatrical Lighting Items
    • Household Lights
    • Warehouse Lights
  • Parts
  • Software
  • Items in “Brand New” Condition - We only sell Brand New Items directly from the Manufacturer on NewLighting.com
  • Items in “As-Is” Condition
  • Listings with Manufacturer Photos
  • Items Valued Under $100

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to this list at anytime.

3. Can I list my item on other websites at the same time?

Definitely. We feel our site reaches the best group of industry professionals out there. As such, we're not afraid to compete with other sites to sell your gear! We only ask that if you sell the item somewhere else, that you de-activate it from the site (takes just a moment after logging into your account).

4. How long does it take for my listing to be approved?

We try to make sure all listings get approved in 2-5 business days. Why the long wait? We go through each listing carefully adding any info we can find from the original manufacturer, as well as cleaning up any spelling mistakes (we've got your back non-English majors!) We do this to make sure your item is presented in the best light to any potential buyers. If at any time you make a change to your listing while it's active (you can find and edit them by logging in to the site and hitting "my account" at the very top left), we will review your listing again before it gets re-activated.

5. Selling brokered equipment: What happens when someone wants to buy my equipment?

Congrats! Someone wants to buy your item... here is what happens next:

  • One of our agents will contact you to confirm the item is still available and determine shipping cost to the buyer. You must be able to ship the equipment. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • We collect the money from the buyer, wait for the funds to clear, and hold the money in escrow. We will not ask you to ship the equipment until we have the money secured in our escrow account!
  • Once the funds clear, we will have you ship the equipment using the buyer's preferred method. We will need to have you email proof of shipment to us.
  • After the buyer has received the product, they have 72 hours to notify UsedLighting.com of any problems. If the buyer doesn't find any issues, your payment in the form of ACH transfer will be processed in approximately 4 business days. Please fill out the Vendor ACH/Wire Payment Enrollment Form / (International Form) to help expedite the process.
6. Wait, what if my item doesn't sell?

If your item has been listed and remains un-sold after six months, we will send you an email asking you to renew your item for another six months. This is a great time to check how many views your item has had and evaluate your price... maybe those 1980s moving lights in your garage won't be your retirement fund after all?

If we don't hear from you within 7 days, we will take your items off the website. You can then re-activate them for up to six months, then after that they will be deleted from our system completely.

Having trouble moving your item? You can always contact our sales team for help with pricing your items. Our certified appraisers will be happy to help!

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